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Hebei Rui Feng Cemented Carbide Co., LTD. (formerly the ChangJiang carbide factory), founded in 1996, is located in development zone No.22 lijiang river street, covers an area of more than 50 acres, with 60 employees, business and technical personnel 10 people, strong technical force, advanced processing equipment, scientific quality management, strong ability of development for our company's development has laid a good foundation.


Our company's aim is: with the management of modern enterprises, in line with to the customer, the principle of service to the society for production, sales and service. our company mainly produces: machine blade, welding blade, drawing die, including all kinds of wire drawing dies, Tube Dies, mine products , all kinds of cemented carbide rods, tungsten carbide thimble, strip, such as non-standard carbide products, native, tungsten carbide, cobalt powder, tungsten powder, titanium carbide, CK materials, a variety of products such as tantalum carbide, also can figure according to the user, to sample processing. Shenpeng commitment:we charge of all quality problems ,if it is by us

Company more than 20 years, the products spread all over the country and enter the international market, become customers trusted friend. The pursuit of product perfection and eternal satisfied customers, is the goal of our company to carry out quality standards. Constantly pioneering and enterprising, is our eternal pursuit. We would like to work with customers hand in hand.